Mission, Values, and Vision

Mission:  MYRTLE POINT GOLF CLUB is a Non-Profit Society that will Provide and Operate a Quality Golf Facility for the Benefit of all Members of the Community.

Values: We C.A.R.E We CARE about our members, our customers, and our employees.
We CARE about maintaining a positive social and golf experience.
We CARE about being good stewards of our land.
We CARE about continuous improvement and innovation.
We CARE about community responsibility.
We CARE about doing the right thing.

C. – Commitment
A. – Accountability
R. – Respect
E. – Excellence

Vision: Myrtle Point Golf Club will be a recognized leader in providing a high-quality experience by ensuring that our facilities and service exceed the expectations of our members, our customers, and our employees.

If you would like to view our By-Laws Please click the following hyperlink Myrtle Point by-Laws 2013 (1)

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